Tuesday, 9 June 2009

SITA Message Examples

After my last post, Wayne asked just how cryptic the SITA operational messages we use are, so here are a few examples of each type. I ended up finding these examples in a few online manuals after some googling as opposed using some from my own place of work, that would only give away my anonymity!

Starting with a departure message:


AD1245/1253 EA 1559DUS


An arrival message:




A Load Distribution Message:


-DUS.161/119/43/19.T.9335.2/2105.4/5330 5/1900 PAX/323 B/8775 C/1450

And finally, a Container/Pallet message:









Have a go at trying to decipher them, I'll post a brief explanation in a day or two. As a hint, RAT0123 is the 'fictional' flight number and EC-ENZ the registration of the aircraft, I haven't looked to see if it exists.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I'll take a shot at it..

Departure message says its RAT0123 (in the 9th?) in EC-ENZ from Istanbul(?) with a scheduled departure time of 1245, actual departure time 1253 and estimated arrival time in Dusseldorf at 1559.

Arrival message says its RAT0123 (in the 12th?) in EC-ENZ had a scheduled arrival of 1340 and actual arrival of 1354 with no special instructions.

Load distribution says its the above flight with 323 pax (not sure about the 3/8) going to DUS..161 male/119 female/43 children/19 infants. Not quite sure about the next bit but I'm hazarding a guess at 9335kg total pax seating in compartments 2, 4 and five with the respective weights but not sure on that..could relate to loading bays in the hold. Then its pax 323 and baggage and cargo weight.

Not got a clue with the Container/pallet message!

Wayne Conrad said...

Fascinating. What a compact code!

Maybe 3/8 is the number of donuts/salads requested by the flight crew.

I was when I guessed that it would be more cryptic than a METAR. It makes "KLAX 200053Z 25002KT 4SM BNK025 OVC040 16/12 A2993 A02" look like plain English.

Anonymous said...

Doh..of course..3/8 will be the flight deck/cabin crew on the flight..3 pilots, 8 crew.

Not so far off with the donuts Wayne!

Anonymous said...

The CPM isnt that hard to understand. Looking down on it I tend to have the basic shape of an aircraft in my head and work my way down the message.

11L, 12L, 41L etc correspond to positions in the hold for securing baggage bins. 11L being hold 1, first position on the left, 42L, hold 4 second position on the left. AKH, PKC correspond to the type of Unit Load Device (ULD)otherwise known as baggage bins or pallets. AKH being a tin bin and PKC being a pallet with cargo secured to it. Next Is the Destination- IST then the weight of the bin eg 600 then whats in the bin-C being cargo BC business class bags BY economy class. Hold 5 is a small bulk hold where loose bags, gate pieces such as strollers can be loaded at the end.

This would all be simpler explained with a manual LIR to work from for a 767 or such. This is very basic description, there are different sized ULDs, ones which fit in some a/c but not others. In fact that CPM is an easy one to read. Can have twice as many bins and transit loads to contend with! All adds to the turnround experience but cue multiple swear words when you type out a CPM on SITA only to discover you,ve made a mess and have to go and retype it!

dpierce said...

Have a go at trying to decipher them ...

I've been working on this for a while, and I'm guessing "TWO BABY-STROLLERS IN CPT 5" means that a duo of infant conveyances may be discovered in the fifth of the aircraft's various and sundry compartments.

Dispatcher said...

Thanks for the comments guys, some of you should get jobs as code breakers :)

Wayne, I'm usually ok with METARs but with some of the American ones and the the stream of numbers that follow after the altimeter, I tend to get lost!

deks said...

this blog is great for us starting a career in ADX, my question is how about discussing how to make a load and trim sheet lets say for B767 and how input it on ACARS

Anonymous said...

-DUS.161/119/43/19.T.9335.2/2105.4/5330 5/1900 PAX/323 B/8775 C/1450

LDM:load distrubition message
RAT:Flight code of the airline(for example tuifly:TUI,airberlin:BER
ECENZ:Registration(tail code of the plane
Y323:Yankee(means number of the economic seats)
3/8:3 cocpit crew 8 host/ess

T9335:Total weight of the bags and cargo
2/2105:2105kg in the compartment 2(front compartments are shown as 1 and 2,
3,4.5: are back compartments of the plane
pax:number of total passenger(infants are not included)
B: Total Weight of bags
C: Total weght of Cargo